September 2020

Hybrid Heat Exchanger grants CO2 reduction

Four fully welded Hybrid heat exchangers for a fermentation residue evaporation plant of an East German manufacturer of biofuels were certified by TÜV Süd inspectors. Our plate heat exchangers are compliant with the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED - 2014/68/EU). Usually, fermentation residues still contain a high amount of water which will be squeezed by our fully welded Hybrid heat exchangers. With the support of our heat exchangers these fermentation residues are made usable for a further processing stage. The result: additional CO2 reduction and a better energy balance. A special feature of this construction are the removable covers for cleaning purposes.

August 2020

VAU gets the steam up!

Delivery and installation of worldwide unique six-stage hybrid plate heat exchanger completed in record time

After just 13 months production time, it’s done: Six hybrid plate heat exchangers with a total of more than 6,000 square meters of heating surface at a weight of 19 tons each were delivered with additional containers in full and on time to BENEO. Thanks to the precise and complete planning by VAU Thermotech, all equipment and containers were installed within a few hours after they had been delivered to the customer.



April 2020

New innovation hotspot in Munich

After we relocated our factory from Munich to Thuringia in January 2015 we only had a small office in Munich. 

With now almost 240 square meter office we shine in Munich in new splendor! The office is located near the Munich trade fair in Riem and is optimally connected in terms of transport. "In order to create closer customer proximity in southern Germany and South-Europe we decided to open a new office with new modern business and conference rooms. The appreciation especially towards the Austrian and southern German market was the motivation for this step. For our existing and prospective customers in southern Germany travel times for training or product presentations are shortened, ”says the CEO of VAU Thermotech GmbH & Co. KG, Osama Nasser.

The new office should serve as an innovation hotspot for the development of new products. We offer motivated applicants a solid perspective.

March 2020

Effective corrosion protection coating for brazed plate heat exchangers

Modern heating systems are accompanied by the treatment of heating water to avoid undesirable calcifications. The water treatment according to VDI 2035 specifies demineralized or softened water for heating systems. The so-called deionized water (fully demineralized water) increases the probability of corrosion for the essential component of the system - the copper-brazed plate heat exchanger. 

VAU Thermotech has developed an effective corrosion protection coating for copper-brazed plate heat exchangers together with a cooperation partner which prevents detaching of metal ions and guarantees resistance to demineralized water.

This innovative solution offers the advantage that water which is not in the range for copper-brazed plate heat exchangers can also be used.  Our entire brazed product range is available with anti-corrosion coating. There is no need to rebuild the existing connections when switching to a corrosion protection coated heat exchanger. The new type of heat exchanger smoothly fits in the existing system.

We proudly present cost-optimized efficient coated stainless steel plate heat exchanger without non-ferrous metals.



Official & successful acceptance test of our three plate falling film Evaporator at Nordzucker

As we already reported in May 2018 the three plate evaporators supplied by VAU Thermotech with a total heating area of ​​12,000 m² were successfully installed at Nordzucker. The campaign in the sugar factory started on September 18th, 2018 with 18,000 tonnes of sugar beet processed per day. Our evaporators were successfully subjected to final acceptance test at November 15th, 2018 after 56 days of continuous operation and approx. one million tonnes of beet processing. For all three evaporators, the guaranteed parameters could be proved and even exceeded. By investing in the new evaporation station, about 10 tons of steam per hour are saved during operation. This considerable energy saving can significantly reduce the payback period. VAU Thermotech would like to thank all those involved for this successful Project.



Resource protection certificate 2017

VAU Thermotech makes an important contribution to the environment and disposes of various materials through the leading environmental and system service provider interseroh. For example, PE, PP, mixed plastics, paper, cardboard, carton and wood are returned to the recycling cycle to conserve resources, the environment and the climate. In 2017, our commitment helped to save 7,188 kilograms of valuable primary resources and 1,055 kilograms of greenhouse gases.

certificate DIN EN ISO 9001:2015



VAU Thermotech up to date with the certification according to DIN 9001: 2015

We are very proud to announce that we have successfully upgraded our management system to the demanding standard DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015. The TÜV Austria certifies us a very good and practicable implementation of the high level requirements. Our company has been successfully certified to ISO 9001 for many years. With the new ISO 9001: 2015 we are up to date. With our reliable quality management system, we can assure our customers high quality and on-time delivery.

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VAU plate falling film evaporators hover over Nordzucker Schladen

In a record time of just six months three plate falling film evaporators with a total heating surface of approx. 12,000 m² were delivered on time to Nordzucker's Schladen plant. Due to the precise planning for the installation of the three evaporators, they could be hung over the open roof into the planned steel framework. The entire installation of the devices took place within 48 hours. VAU Thermotech has successfully proven its performance and know-how with this project.

installation of Hybrid plate evaorator into a brasilian sugar factory



In-time delivery to Brasil & successful Installation

After visiting Brazil's largest sugar trade show "Fenasucro" in August 2017, we worked hard to ensure the punctual delivery of two evaporator packages with a total heating surface of 2,532 m². The aim was to send the sugar cane processing equipment to Brazil in December 2017 to the Quatá sugar factory, so that it can be installed in-time after the 2017 campaign. The evaporators were delivered on time for shipping to Brazil. The installation of the packages took place last week. Due to our high quality and in-time delivery of the first evaporator packages, we received this follow-up order from one of the leading sugar factories in Brazil.

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VAU plate evaporator improves performance of the Zeitz sugar factory - Südzucker successfully completes first campaign

Südzucker in Zeitz has completed this year's campaign very successfully. Thanks to a newly installed plate evaporator in the first stage of VAU Thermotech, it has been possible to increase capacity while reducing energy consumption. All guaranteed values of the plate evaporator have been achieved. We already reported on the successful installation in April 2017. VAU Thermotech would like to thank all employees of Südzucker for their excellent cooperation.

design of a sugar factory with falling film evaporators



Nordzucker grants VAU major order for three new plate falling film Evaporators

For the 2018 campaign Nordzucker has ordered three new plate falling film evaporators from VAU Thermotech for the plant in Schladen. The planned total evaporation area for all three evaporators is around 12,000 m². Due to the excellent plate technology of the hybrid falling-film evaporator, energy efficiency has been able to demonstrate an impressive return on capital calculation. Thanks to the new investment, the plant will be able to save up to 10 tonnes of steam per hour in the future. There is an additional profit in the form of better juice quality and less chemicals and lime consumption.

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VAU visits Brazilian sugar factory & Brazil's largest sugar trade show "FENASUCRO" 2017

As we already reported last year VAU has delivered a cane sugar Evaporator to a Brazilian sugar factory. After successful commissioning we were invited to visit the Brazilian sugar factory "Barra Grande" of the Zilor Group. Our CEO and CTO were able to convince themselves of the flawless operation of the evaporator personally during the ongoing campaign. All the required guarantees were achieved and in some cases even surpassed. Due to these excellent results VAU received a follow-up order for the sugar factory "Quatá" to be delivered in November 2017. Together with our Brazilian cooperation Partner Alpina Orion we were able to represent our evaporator technology at the "Fenasucro" 2017 in Brazil. This is where decision makers as well as all suppliers of the sugar industry in Brazil meet. Brazil is the largest sugar cane producer in the world.

components for AIRBUS A 330 made by VAU



AIRBUS A330 components "made by VAU"

Since the production start of the AIRBUS A330 the so-called "dome" has been manufactured by VAU. These are upper and lower parts for the wastewater tanks of the AIRBUS A330. At that time, VAU was commissioned with the development and production of the tools for the "dome" at the Munich site. VAU manufactures these parts for the aviation industry for a number of years by using of a special thermoforming process. Even after the relocation of the production to Thuringia, the business developed positively. Our location Heldrungen has been certified for the aviation industry and has been convincing by high Quality. 

installation of hybrid sugar falling film evaporator



Successful Installation of plate falling film Evaporator made by VAU

VAU Thermotech successfully installed the plate falling film Evaporator in a sugar factory.
With a weight of 86 tons and a transport length of 50 m the truck arrived safely at the Zeitz plant.
The evaporator could be installed within two hours thanks to precise planning and perfect Engineering.